Track work hours and pay

Make it easy for employees to see their earnings grow in real-time, so they can budget confidently and pick up extra shifts when needed.

Builds engagement with money

When it comes to achieving financial goals, one of the biggest hurdles can be engaging with money. Track makes things simple by breaking pay down daily, so employees can easily compare earning and spending – as well as earnings from previous months.

How Track pay builds financial wellbeing

Removes financial guess work

Casual workers don’t know how much they’ll be paid until they see the money in their bank account. This makes it hard to budget and make informed spending decisions. With visibility of how much has been earned, employees are able to better plan ahead.

Prevents financial shortfalls from happening

When casual employees know what they’ve earned and how it compares to their previous earnings, they can pick up extra shifts when they see a potential shortfall. That’s why we see a 22% increase in shift filling.

The positive impact of Track pay

6 in 10 employees primarily use the Humanforce Thrive app to track earnings

55% of employees find planning ahead easier

77% of employees feel more in control of their money

What people say about Track pay

"It's rewarding to see that I was able to earn during the month, an actual self-esteem booster."

How Track pay works

Let's transform your business

We're the mission-led responsible experts in financial wellbeing, providing award-winning innovative solutions to solve the number one employee concern — financial stress. We can have a financial wellbeing program up and running in your business in 4 weeks.

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