Frequently asked questions

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What's Humanforce Thrive all about?

We’re a technology company that gives you access to your earned (but previously unpaid) income when you need it. We want to change the way pay is thought about and support the 70% of workers who suffer from financial stress each year.

How do I join Humanforce Thrive?

We partner with a large number of forward-thinking employers. If you would like earned wage access, get in touch with us. We'll do our best to talk to your employer about Humanforce Thrive.

How does Humanforce Thrive impact my tax?

Humanforce Thrive provides you with access to your net-after-tax pay, so there are no tax implications. Chat to us if you have any concerns and we can answer your questions.

How does Humanforce Thrive affect my income?

Humanforce Thrive doesn't impact your income or income level. We give you access to a portion of your earned net income before the day you get paid.

How do I get started?

Getting started is as simple as downloading our app from the Google Play Store or App Store and following the instructions to register. If your company has partnered with Humanforce Thrive, you'll be able to easily sign-up and use Humanforce Thrive's money tools.

What should I do if I can't find my employer?

First check your employer has partnered with Humanforce Thrive. Next check you've entered your details correctly - make sure your name, email and mobile matches the name that's kept in your payroll system. Haven't found your answer? Reach out to us.

Why do I need to provide extra ID?

For your security and so we can confirm your details with your employer, we may need extra ID such as a drivers license.

Is Humanforce Thrive safe to use?

Yes. We use bank-level encryption technology to make sure our users' data is protected 24/7.

Can I receive my full pay through Humanforce Thrive?

You'll be able to access a portion of your earned income through Humanforce Thrive. Your employer will agree on this limit with us.

Why is the amount I can withdraw limited?

We limit the amount you can withdraw to ensure we're supporting responsible financial behaviour. It's often set to 50%. You can limit the amount you are able to access in the app by changing your withdrawal limit. To do this, log on to the app and tap More, then tap App Settings then tap Change your withdrawal limit. You'll be able to make all changes there.

How long does it take to get my earned wages?

Wagestream's technology is almost instant - payments will arrive in most major bank accounts within minutes. If your bank account doesn't support fast payments, it may take 1 to 2 business days. Our customer support team can help with this.

How does Humanforce Thrive get repaid?

Wagestream integrates with your payroll so withdrawals are deducted automatically from your final pay before it's paid to you. If you happen to withdraw later in the pay cycle, it may be deducted from your next pay. Chat to our support team if you need help.

How will Humanforce Thrive withdrawals appear on my bank statement?

Humanforce Thrive withdrawals will appear on your bank statement with the reference 'Humanforce Thrive Pay!'.

How does Humanforce Thrive appear on my payslip?

Humanforce Thrive will appear as a normal deduction with its own deduction code 'Humanforce Thrive'.

What is Grow?

Grow gives Humanforce Thrive users access to the Blossom Fund, which uses fixed income investments to help you reach your savings goals faster. The Blossom Fund invests ethically in investment-grade fixed income products and targets 5.25% p.a.returns.

Who provides Grow?

Grow is a product of Earnd Pty Ltd ABN 46 625 490 968 Corporate authorised Representative No. 001296715 Gleneagle Asset Management Limited. Gleneagle Asset Management Limited ABN 29 103 162 278 AFSL 226199 is the Responsible Entity of the Blossom Fund ARSN 645 889 998 (Fund). You should consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement, along with the Target Market Determination, available on ( Your savings are not deposits held in a bank account and are subject to investment risk.

How do I set up a grow account?

You can set it up through the Humanforce Thrive app in minutes.

1. Download the Humanforce Thrive app through Google Play or the App Store
2. Tap the Grow income in the bottom menu bar or on your home screen
3. Open your account and set your goal - how much do you want to save?
4. Review the Humanforce Thrive T&Cs and Blossom’s Product Disclosure Statement
5. Finalise your goal and away you grow! Enjoy 5.25% p.a. Targeted returns.

Blossom will plant a tree for you to celebrate the first transfer using your new Grow account. You can use Grow to access your savings instantly (as long as your bank supports instant payments) and for free. You can also change or pause or cancel your goal anytime.

Can I access my funds through my Grow account when I need them?

You can withdraw funds through your Grow account at any time and at no cost.

Why does Grow need my tax file number?

While it’s not compulsory, we recommend providing your Tax File Number (TFN) through the Humanforce Thrive app so we can provide it to Blossom. The law is strict on how your tax file number can be used. If we don’t receive your tax file number and you don’t give us a valid exemption number, tax at the highest personal rate, plus theMedicare levy, must be withheld before passing on any distributions to you. You may claim a credit in your annual income tax return in respect of tax withheld. To avoid this, enter your tax file number or exemption number in the Settings tab in the app.

What is a financial fitness plan?

We know that learning about money is most effective when it’s easy to engage withand act on. It’s even more worthwhile when it’s relevant to your situation.