Flexible Pay

Give your employees access to a percentage of their pay as they earn it, so they can budget better and cover emergency expenses.

Reduces reliance on high cost credit

Seven in 10 workers regularly face financial shortfalls. When these shortfalls occur they’re forced to borrow and pay interest. By accessing their earned, but previously unpaid wages, employees can significantly reduce the amount of interest they pay.

How Flexible Pay builds financial wellbeing

Builds budgets around life rather than pay

Having the flexibility to align income and expenses means that employees are able to budget in the way that best suits them, rather than working to their employer’s pay cycle. This freedom removes the financial stress that employees face by putting them in control.

Smooths out fluctuations in earnings

Fluctuations in earnings can impact the financial health of hourly-paid employees by reducing their ability to plan ahead. Having the ability to pick up an extra shift and then access that money instantly provides a way for employees to ensure their cash flow stays positive.

The positive impact of Flexible Pay

33% of withdrawals are to cover bills and 21% are to buy groceries

88% decrease in reliance on loans and 39% decrease in reliance on credit cards

12 months after making their first withdrawal, people make fewer transfers a month

What people say about Flexible Pay

“I like it because it’s my money that I’ve earned and I don’t pay interest on it.
It feels more like I’ve earned it – and I’m living within my means.”

“It allows me to stay on top of my finances, which helps me keep my days
running smoothly. I have full control over when I can spend my earnings.”

How Flexible Pay works

Let's transform your business

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