Nine in 10 employers are starting to implement financial wellbeing strategies. Want to know how to build an effective one?

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Help your employees thrive and build their financial wellbeing

Humanforce Thrive improves time-to-hire, retention and productivity by giving employees tools to take control of their financial lives.

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Money tools that make a big difference to employee wellbeing engagement

The Humanforce Thrive impact

Talent attraction
Offering Humanforce Thrive
to staff can reduce staff
turnover by up to 16%
"When people begin to understand what flexible pay can mean for them and how they manage their money, it really changes their perception of what a role at TSA Group can offer them."
Zahra Peggs
Group Executive, People
and Corporate Affairs
Reduce retention
Mentioning Humanforce
Thrive in job ads increased applications by more than 30%
"If you're looking for ways to improve your employee experience and drive engagement, I recommend Humanforce Thrive."
Jenny McKie
Chief People Officer
Shift uptake
Thrive users work
11% more hours than
other employees
"We believe if our vision is to look after and care for our staff and families it will naturally lead to better talent attractionand retention. Thrive is certainly part of how we hope to do that."
Adam Priest
Head of People and culture

The Humanforce Thrive difference


Our tools are simple and intuitive, created to benefit all employees. We have an Excellent rating on Trustpilot and a 97% customer satisfaction score.


Our impact is measurable on both your employees financial health and your business. We report every quarter to customers and publish an annual Impact Asssessment.


Our app is designed to help people build positive financial habits and behaviours for the long term, with coaches and personalised education there to support along the way.

Let's transform your business

We're the mission-led responsible experts in financial wellbeing, providing award-winning innovative solutions to solve the number one employee concern — financial stress. We can have a financial wellbeing program up and running in your business in 4 weeks.

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We're accountable for our impact. It's our guarantee.

We work with Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand, the Centre of Social Impact and EY to show our progress as we seek to promote financial inclusion at work.

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