Learn budgeting and savings skills

Provide access to best-practice financial education, tailored for your employees based on their reported financial wellbeing scores.

Increases awareness of behavioural barriers to financial fitness

Research shows that financial behaviours – such as spending and saving – are the strongest correlates with financial wellbeing. The insights in Learn raise awareness of how common behavioural biases contribute to money habits and decisions, providing actionable steps to overcome them.

How Learn builds financial wellbeing

Accessible to everyone, no matter their situation

Best practice financial education is short, straightforward and easy to understand. Learn is accessible to everyone, written in plain English to a reading level of grade 8. This means none of your people are held back from understanding the basics of money management, plus there’s no jargon – ever.

Relevant to your people, no matter their stage of life

Personalisation is the reason why 67% of app users engage with our Learn insights every day. We use the 5 question CBA-MI reported scales to give your people tailored financial guidance, based on their financial fitness scores. Plus, we provide anonymised financial wellbeing data for your company.

How people engage with Learn

Almost one in three app users have checked their financial fitness score

67% of app users engage with money guidance every month

Most engaged with insights are in the spending less than you earn category

What people say about Learn

“I love Learn. It’s simple, easy on the eye and will give me the tips I need. It’s great that I can read the title and read it if it interests me.”

“Giving people tips about money is important because it’s hard for everyone to efficiently and sensibly manage money. I think it’s a great section of the app. I definitely have got some tips from it and can see how it benefits people.”

How Learn works

Let's transform your business

We're the mission-led responsible experts in financial wellbeing, providing award-winning innovative solutions to solve the number one employee concern — financial stress. We can have a financial wellbeing program up and running in your business in 4 weeks.

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