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The Humanforce Thrive impact

Speak to your Humanforce account manager

Your Humanforce account manager will be able to give you more detail about Wagestream and how integration will work.

Steps to launch Humanforce Thrive

Get a quick demo from the Humanforce Thrive team

If you'd like, the Humanforce Thrive team can give you a quick demo of the app so you can see all the different tools and features employees will have to improve the way they manage money.

Set a date for launch

Humanforce customers can roll out Humanforce Thrive within weeks so you can have an employee financial wellbeing program up and running almost straight away.

Real-time pay tracking

Make it easy for employees to see their earnings grow in real-time so they can budget confidently and pick up extra shifts when needed.

What do we offer

Automated transfers to grow savings

Automated transfers taken directly from pay so saving becomes second nature for employees, helping them reach their goals faster by removing behavioural barriers.

Flexible access to pay

Instant access to a percentage of earned, but not yet paid, wages so employees can cover unexpected expenses without having to borrow and pay interest.

1:1 money coaching

Expert money coaches available through live chat, working with employees to develop smart financial goals and also set plans to achieve these goals.

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Why is financial wellbeing so important?

Alongside Good Shepherd, Humanforce Thrive just published the first State of Employee Financial Wellbeing report. It looks how employees are coping with current cost of living increases and what employers can do to help.