Leading HR solutions company The Adecco Group Australia has partnered with Hu


The Adecco Group Australia-H partnership recognises the role companies and fintechs share when it comes to supporting employee financial wellbeing.

  • While 46% of Australians live pay cheque to pay cheque, Humanforce Thrive enables Adecco Group Australia employees to use their income to meet expenses without having to rely on high-interest credit.
  • With financial stress reported as the number one concern in the workplace, Humanforce gives Adecco Group Australia employees the freedom to choose when and how they are paid.

The Adecco Group Australia’s employees will be able to see and access their money as they earn it, so they can stay on top of their money and cover unexpected expenses without resorting to high-interest credit.

The Adecco Group Australia recognises that incredible people are paramount to its success. By supporting one of the most critical and stressful spheres of life, employees are freed up to focus on the work they are best at: connecting people to jobs and careers around the nation.

“We know money plays a critical role in our lives and the management of it can impact health and happiness. As part of our company wellness focus, we have partnered with Humanforce Thriveto give our colleagues the freedom to access their pay when they need it,” says HR Director of The Adecco Group Australia Erica Page.
“Humanforce Thrive is delighted to be partnering with The Adecco Group to support the financial wellbeing of their most valuable asset — their employees. With Humanforce, Adecco employees can choose how and when they get paid — this means they can budget more effectively, cover unexpected costs without having to rely on credit cards or overdrafts and align when they get paid with when their bills are actually due,” says Humanforce Thrive CEO Josh Vernon.